Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adorable Headbands by Czara's Hair Pieces

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When Yomi was a few months old, she had very thin hair and is the spitting image of her daddy. Because of this, she's always mistaken as a baby boy even if she has earrings already. I secretly hate it when people call her 'pogi' or 'good boy' so as much as possible, I always put her in a dress and make her wear large headbands - the larger the flower or ribbon the better. Over time, I have collected many head pieces for her. Aside from the fact that it makes her look like a girl, I just love how cute they look on her. 

Sometimes I feel like I have this addiction to headbands. When I see a cute one, I literally have to stop myself from buying because I know she has too much already. Once, I just couldn't help buying a dozen headbands of different colors from Divisoria. They were so cheap! I am also very happy when my friends or sisters buy Yomi headbands. I get all excited for Yomi. :)

Last night, when my husband came home, he gave me this super cute headband and said that it was given to him by his co-worker, Nancy. Thanks Nancy! It was this very cute pink and purple headband from Czara's Head Pieces.  I guess it triggered my secret addiction because I just had to check them out on FB!

Czara's Hair Pieces is an online shop which sells adorable hair pieces for babies, toddlers and even adults. Oh and they also customize headpieces for brides and their entourage too! They have so many classic and cute designs to choose from. You can get unique and classy head pieces at very affordable prices, too. If you have a daughter and loves dressing her up with adorable head pieces or if you just happen to love headbands yourself, you can check out Czara's Hair Pieces here.

Yomi modelling her head band :)

super adorable head band from Czara's Head Pieces

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  1. Thank you sis nika for featuring Czara's Hair Pieces in your blog. So appreciate it. =)

    1. You're welcome, Mommy Edel! Your hair pieces are super cute. More Power to you and Czara's Hair Pieces! :)

  2. Congrats Czara's!!! :) I'm very happy for you! :)