Thursday, May 2, 2013

Things I Never Did Until I Became a Mom

1. Watch the news. I was never really interested in watching the news. I don't really watch it unless I have no other choice. Since I became a mom, I suddenly felt like I NEED to watch the news and I have never watched the same way as I did when I was single. I needed to be updated, to know what's going on in the world for my daughter's sake. It is now important to be in-the-know.

2. Be genuinely happy because someone pooped. I get worried when she doesn't poop in a day. I'd anxiously wait for it the next day and actually be excited when she finally does.

3. Touch someone else's poop.  Yes and sometimes touch it with bare hands without the urge to cringe and vomit. Oh, the things you'll do for love.

4. Hold an insect with my bare hands. I am terrified of insects. Now, I can crush a bug and not scream especially if it's crawling over Yomi. I would rather touch it than wait for it to bite my baby. I still need a little bit more courage for cockroaches, though. Especially if it's flying.

5. Eat food that came out of someone else's mouth. I swore I'd never eat Yomi's  left-overs. In some occasions I had to. Yes. The kind that's been chewed and spitted out of her mouth.

6. Let my hair down. Well, not literally because I've never had long hair. I meant to have a messy hair, bare face, chipped nails, and saliva-covered cheeks and  be actually OK with it.

7. Give up a Friday or Saturday night to be at home. Pre-baby, I would have never passed any chance to go out on a Saturday night. Now, it's perfectly fine to stay at home on a "gimik" night. I miss going out but it's not something I crave for these days.

It is amazing what love- and motherhood- can do to a person. I have found myself doing things I never thought I'd do with a smile. I know, I know these things may not be Fear Factor material but  I would gladly conquer anything- big or small- for my daughter.

How about you? what are the things you never did until you became a mom?


  1. I can totally relate! Being a mom really changes you more than we can ever imagine. I also watch the news more (except now because I already have to fight over the remote with Rain. It's always on Disney Jr. hehe) And yes I wash her poopy bottom with my bare hands. Wipe her mucous when she has sipon and the like.

    Nice post topic! :-)

    1. Thanks Rina! I actually have sooo many firsts. Some are funny and even gross but all of them are certainly unforgettable. It's glad to know I am not alone in all these. :) Hope to see you again! :)