Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On Mommy's Vanity: BYS Lipstick in Naked Rose

I have read mixed reviews about this brand. Some say it's great and some say stay away from this brand because it has poor quality. I thought to myself well, I'll be a judge of that so I gave this brand a try. Knowing me, I have a tendency to gravitate toward lip products so I decided to try their lipsticks first and here's what I thought:


BYS stands for Be Yourself. It is a cosmetics brand that hails from Australia. These can be spotted in SM Department stores. Spotting them will not be too hard to do because their counters are overflowing with different colorful products. They even have neon lip glosses. Because of a wide selection of products, one day is not  enough to try everything. 

 Their regular lipsticks cost Php 219. 00 while their long-lasting matte lipsticks retail for Php 299.00. There is a wide array of shades to choose from. They have nudes to outrageous colors like gold - and even black!  I wanted a neutral shade for everyday so I was happy I found this. Naked Rose is a rosey brown shade that leans more on the brown side.


 My only gripe about this is the packaging. It looks rather cheap with the black plastic tube and clear cap. For it's price, I can get other lipsticks with better packaging. BYS should really reconsider how they present their products. Also, the lipstick itself does not go all the way down that's why it's very easy to nick the tip.


Oh how I love creamy, pigmented lipsticks. The kind that hugs your lips rather than just sit on top of them. That's exactly how these lipsticks are - creamy and pigmented. It was love at first swatch! One swipe will give you opaque beautiful color! I don't know if it is just me or this lipstick changes color because I noticed that after a while it slightly changed on me. I noticed that it became a little orange and my sister noticed that too. Maybe it has a slight reaction on my lips' or body's chemistry. I don't know. 


This does not have any smell or taste.  So if you're not a fan of scented lipsticks, this is a great purchase.


As I said, this is very creamy. It is a dream to apply. A single stroke can deposit amazing pigment. I did not feel any chapping or dryness when I wore this. It's actually similar to Nyx round lipsticks but I like how this feels much better. This can last up to 3-4 hours and you need to reapply after eating or drinking. 

taken with flash. the color appears lighter here than in person.

With lipsticks as affordable as this, how can you go wrong? The formula and the price is great. If you are forgiving about packaging then, this is something to definitely go for. I still want to check out the other shades. 

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