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On Mommy's Vanity: L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lip color in Forever Frappe

The first time I saw Judy of itsjudytime rave about this lipstick I knew I had to have it. I loved the color on her and also because I'm on a nude/neutral lipstick craze lately. 

The Claim

Color that Grabs Hold of You ...And Doesn't Let Go.

Take your lips to the next level with Infallible® Le Rouge. This revolutionary and innovative formula delivers bold, luscious color that lasts all day long, making it the ultimate beauty indulgence. Infallible® Le Rouge Lipcolour offers up to 10 hours of vivid, hi-definition colour and shine, while hydrating Vitamin E keeps your lips moist and comfortable. Discover the truest color payoff in a creamy, conditioning base.


After seeing this in itsjudytime, I went to see if this is available in the local department stores but, to my dismay, it was not! Well, Surprise! Surprise! It's disappointing how late new products get released in the Philippines. Thank God for online make up shops which sell make up that can't be bought locally. I bought mine for Php380.00 from the seller @getgorgeousmla in Instagram. If I were to buy it in the mall, this would probably cost more or less than Php600.00. This is supposed to be a long-wearing but non-drying lipstick. 

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I love her and I want to look like her. 
(Ok that's never going to happen but I still love her anyway.)

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Last May 23, 2013 (Thursday), Nutmeg Flip flops hosted their first press and bloggers' forum aptly entitled Sassified: press and bloggers' forum and I was lucky enough to be invited in the said event. 

Nutmeg, Banana Peel's sister brand, has been in the market offering trendy and budget-friendly flip flops since 2010. This year  they decided to relaunch Nutmeg's image as a flip flops brand that bridges the gap between the tween spirit and the lady image. They wanted to combine sassy and classy elements into each pair in their wide variety of cute and quirky collections without a hefty price tag hence the tagline: Classy. Sassy. Never Pricey.

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DIY Sunday: Revamp Old T-shirts and Jeans

Since I became a mom, I often feel guilty buying new clothes for myself. I always think I can buy a box of milk with the cost of a blouse or a pair of denim shorts. So when I saw and old pair of jeans, I thought I'd just make it into a pair of shorts to save some money. I also found my husbands old t-shirts that doesn't fit him anymore and thought of restructuring them. I was in a DIY mood  today so I decided to revamp my husband's old t-shirts into blouses and an old pair of jeans into shorts with bow-tie pockets. Here's the finish products: 

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... and that is YOUR power.

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On Mommy's Vanity: Essence Soft Touch Mousse Make Up

Because I was very much impressed with Essence's 16 hour long-lasting foundation, I decided to try other foundations from their line.  (My sister has the Matte foundation but I haven't had the time to try them out yet.) I wanted something I can use everyday because let's face it, using a long-lasting foundation everyday can be a little too much for the skin. So I am saving that (16 hour foundation) on special occasions or whenever I need a foundation that will last the whole day. Okay, so I decide to try this one.


For a natural and matt finish
Dermatologically tested


I bought this at SM Megamall Department store for Php 289.00. Yes! Very affordable right? You get a fair amount of product as it contains 16 g of foundation. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

On Mommy's Vanity: BYS Lipstick in Naked Rose

I have read mixed reviews about this brand. Some say it's great and some say stay away from this brand because it has poor quality. I thought to myself well, I'll be a judge of that so I gave this brand a try. Knowing me, I have a tendency to gravitate toward lip products so I decided to try their lipsticks first and here's what I thought:


BYS stands for Be Yourself. It is a cosmetics brand that hails from Australia. These can be spotted in SM Department stores. Spotting them will not be too hard to do because their counters are overflowing with different colorful products. They even have neon lip glosses. Because of a wide selection of products, one day is not  enough to try everything. 

 Their regular lipsticks cost Php 219. 00 while their long-lasting matte lipsticks retail for Php 299.00. There is a wide array of shades to choose from. They have nudes to outrageous colors like gold - and even black!  I wanted a neutral shade for everyday so I was happy I found this. Naked Rose is a rosey brown shade that leans more on the brown side.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kokuryu Moist Lipstick in Chypre Rose


I am obsessed with lipsticks. Even if I know I already have a lot, it just doesn't seem to be enough. I am always looking for new shades or brands to check out. I always wander around the beauty aisles in search for new lipsticks to try. However, I always seem to ignore Kokuryu because I am a little doubtful of their products - until I saw this one.


Kokuryu is a Japanese cosmetics brand known for their Summer Cakes (cake foundation). It's been around for quite sometime. Their counters can be found in SM Department stores and Landmark. They offer quite a variety of products from skin care to cosmetics. At first, I was afraid to buy anything from them because their products and packaging look cheap but one day I decided to give it a try when I came across this lipstick called Chypre Rose. It retails for Php 164.00 and you get 4g which is a fair amount.

Friday, May 17, 2013

On Mommy's Vanity: Wet n Wild Megalast Lipcolor in 24 carrot Gold and Cherry Picking (new shades)

I cannot stress how much I love these Megalast Lipcolors. I actually want to collect all the shades! Anyway, new shades have already been released in the US a while back and as usual the new ones have just landed on Philippine soil a week ago. 

There are 5 new shades to choose from: 24 Carrot Gold, Purty Persimmon, Pinkerbell, Dollhouse Pink, and Cherry Picking. I did  not see Don't Blink Pink so I'm not sure if it is also available here.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I just saw this ad on my Facebook newsfeed. I'm planning on checking it out soon.

Photos taken from Pure Beauty's Facebook page

From Pregnancy to Playground Event

BABY COMPANY in cooperation with Philips Avent Presents, "From Pregnancy to Playground" this Saturday, May 18, at SM Megamall Event Center from 10am to 7pm.

Join us as we celebrate motherhood with a fun and engagement experience. Visit different booths and join in the discussion with Philips Avent Brand Ambassador, Celebrity Mom, and Parenting Expert, Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan.

-from Baby Company's Facebook Page

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Beating the Stay-at-Home Mommy Blues

Are you a SAHM (stay-at-home mom) who feels depressed almost on a daily basis? If your answer is YES, don't fret because you are NOT ALONE.

In fact in 2012,  an interview conducted by  with 60,000 women showed that stay-at-home moms are more likely to experience sadness, anger ,and even depression than working moms.

In all honesty, I am just like you and those moms who experience depression.

Don't get me wrong. I am happy being a mom and I love my daughter very much. But I am only human and I have my days.

For the last 18 months, I've been fighting on and off with disappointment, resentment, frustration, guilt, anger, worry, and loneliness. This battle began when I got pregnant and had to leave my job, and became a SAHM. Because I was so used to working and going out pre-baby, being stuck at home most of the time is very difficult. I felt as if the life I knew has ended. I resented so many things like my choice to stay at home ,  my lack of financial independence, my muffin top, bulging belly, stretch marks and even that long dark scar on my tummy. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On Mommy's Vanity: Wet 'n Wild 8-pan Eyeshadow in I HEART Matte

I have been a fan of Wet 'n Wild ever since I saw their counter at SM Department store. I love their lipsticks in particular. It is sad, however, how overpriced their products are. You can get their lipsticks in the U.S. for a dollar or $ 2.99 ( Php 41.00 - 150.00 approx) and their eye shadow palettes for $4.99. 

Gurus around YouTube and the blog-o-sphere have given their palettes rave reviews. I wanted for so long to get my hands on their eye shadow palettes that's why I was thrilled when I saw this palette in one of the stores in Pop Culture, Trinoma.


A stunning collection of  8 silky, ultra pigmented day-to-night- colors.
Mix and match form a variety of looks from sweet to wild!
All-day, crease-resistant colors


(I do not really know how old this palette is but I got it sealed and in great condition.) I HEART Matte  was released by Wet n Wild as part of their 2011 Holiday Collection. Wet n Wild released a repeat of this as part of the Where's the Party collection and it's called Drinking a Glass of Shine.

This received so much buzz when it was released because it has 8 gorgeous matte colors. It is very rare to find affordable all-matte palettes out there. OK so as I said this palette contains 8 matte colors from jewel to earth tones. I noticed that the blue and purple have a hint of shimmer. I bought this for Php 380.00 at Pop Culture in Trinoma. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013


A BIG part of who I am today, I owe it to my ANGEL and sometimes AMAZON of a mother.


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On Mommy's Vanity: Essence Stay All Day 16 Hour Long-lasting Make up

My obsession with finding a foundation that's Philippine-weather friendly is growing. I am in constant search for affordable long-lasting foundation that can withstand the sweltering heat of this country. So imagine my delight when I came across this little gem in the mall.



Long-lasting and light weight make-up provides a flawless, silky complexion that lasts all day!  Easy to apply due to the soft texture, dermatologically approved.


When we checked Essence out, this was probably the most expensive product they have. Priced at only Php 299.00, this claims to be a long-lasting foundation. Since I was on a prowl for affordable yet effective foundations, it is not a surprise that I was immediately intrigued by this. Essence products does not in any way look cheap. One factor could be is that their products are made in Europe, France to be exact. I've seen Colorstay by Revlon but I am hesitant to try relatively expensive products as I don't want to be wasting my husband hard-earned money. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

On Mommy's Vanity: Essence Gel Eyeliner in Midnight in Paris

Last weekend I finally got the chance to check out the Essence counter in Megamall. Among my purchases is their gel eyeliner. Now I've tried SanSan's and Fanny Serrano's gel eyeliner but this one I must say impressed me the most. 


High precision gel eyeliner


I've read great reviews about this and I have been skeptical until now. For Php 229.00, you get 1 fl. oz. or 3 ml of product. Now that's a good amount of product! I believe these come in 4 shades Mindnight in Paris (matte black), Miami's Ink (gray) London Baby (shimmery dark taupe, almost brown), and Berlin Rocks (a shimmery purple) although I've only seen Midnight in Paris and Miami's Ink here. Some say it's comparable with MAC's Fluidline.

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Hahahaha! Advance Happy Mother's Day Mommies! :P

HAUL : Essence Cosmetics

I've only seen Essence Cosmetics in instagram before that's why I was excited when I heard that Essence is already available in the Philippines.

Essence Cosmetics is said to be Europe's favorite make up brand. It offers affordable yet quality beauty products. This brand keeps up with the latest trend and gives it customers quality yet budget-friendly products. It was first launched in Germany in February 2002.

Essence offers a variety of beauty products like eye shadows,  mascaras, gel eyeliners, foundations, and bronzers. They also offer a wide array of nail polishes and they also have make up brushes. They always come up with new collections every now and then. There's always something to watch out for.The best part of it all is that the products are not tested on animals.

Essence cosmetics might actually be intended for the teenage demographic hence the cute packaging  but those young-at-heart can also use their products. If you're a mom on a tight budget, you might want to try these. Their products range from Php 100 to Php 300. Very Affordable!

And so I asked my sister to go with me to SM Megamall to check it out. And so here's what we got:

I have not tested these products yet but I am very excited to. Will write a detailed review as soon as I  test them out. I am very excited to try the 16 hr Stay All Day foundation and the Gel Eyeliner. 

Manila Zoo Kind of Day

This is actually a very late post. :)

As a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing last April, We (my sisters, husband, Yomi and I) went to Manila Zoo. I am 28 years old and I have never been to any Zoo until this time. Buti na lang at sabik din mga kapatid ko pumunta ng Zoo. Well, I know Yomi is too young to remember this trip but at least at age 1 she was able to visit a Zoo. Anyway there will still be another Zoo trip in the future. Maybe when she's a little older to actually remember. I think this trip was really for the adults. :)

Anyhoooo, the entrance fee is Php 40 for adults and Php 20 pesos for children. There's a separate entrance fee per head of Php 100 and Php 50 for the butterfly sanctuary. For more information, you can call (632) 400-1884 or +63-2-57-21-30 (Manila Zoo) or (632) 522-6179 (Kinder Zoo).

On Mommy's Vanity: Kryolan Lipstick

note: these pictures are from MY old blog hence the watermark
The Claim

Lipstick Fashion

Lipstick for professional beauty applications. The creamy consistency of Lipstick Fashion feels soft and velvety on the lips and leaves a pleasant-to-wear sensation. Acetylized Vitamin E and Avocado Oil provide for moisture regulation of the lips. Lip Rouge Fashion is available in an attractive range of more than 30 shades.

Lipstick Classic

Lipstick with a long-proven formulation, including Vitamin E to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanism. Lipstick Classic produces a matt impression and is known for its good durability.


For those of you who are not familiar with this brand, Kryolan Professional Make-up is from Germany and it supplies make-up in the film, theater, and television industries for over 66 years. They sell professional make-up to artists and customers in over 80 countries. Kryolan stores in the Philippines can be found in SM North The Block, SM MOA, and Il Terrazzo on Tomas Morato Ave., Q.C. 

I personally think that their products are on the pricier side but they're worth it. I am very impressed with their lipsticks in particular. They have a WIDE array of lipstick shades to choose from. The lipsticks are priced at Php 600.00 a piece. I know a little pricey but still cheaper than MAC. You can check them out here: 


The quality of these lipsticks really surprised me. They glide on smoothly on the lips and feels soft and velvety. They stay for 4 to 5 hours without heavy eating. I think they are very comparable to MAC lipsticks in terms of how they feel on the lips. Oh, and they do not dry out my lips.


The lipstick tube is a little bit of a let-down. It is made of lightweight plastic that makes it look  cheap considering its price. It is not flimsy though, so I think that makes up for it.


I am in love with the pigmentation of these lipsticks! They're creamy and opaque. When I have them on  I feel like they hug my lips rather than just sitting on top. Amazing color pay-off.


The scent is not appealing to me. It smells like old lipstick kinda waxy. Luckily, it's not overwhelming and it fades over time.

(one swipe in natural light) LC197 and LF 305

(one swipe with flash) LC197 and LF 305

Overall, I am in love and happy with these lipsticks. They are all what I want in a lipstick, well, except for the scent. I don't mind the price because it's still affordable. Php 600.00  for a great product? I think that's a steal. This is definitely worth checking out.

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What I Am Thankful For Today

I am thankful for the sun. Yes. The sun. Even if it's hot as hell here, I am still thankful for the heat it gives.  Despite the stickiness and sweaty arm pits, there's still some good things that this heat can bring like an excuse to drink a liter of ice cold Coke , take extra long baths with my baby, or just simply enjoy a serving or two of that Mais con Yelo.  :)

What are you thankful for today?


Hahaha! True. Sometimes, the beauty aisle in Department Stores. :)

Things I Never Did Until I Became a Mom

1. Watch the news. I was never really interested in watching the news. I don't really watch it unless I have no other choice. Since I became a mom, I suddenly felt like I NEED to watch the news and I have never watched the same way as I did when I was single. I needed to be updated, to know what's going on in the world for my daughter's sake. It is now important to be in-the-know.

2. Be genuinely happy because someone pooped. I get worried when she doesn't poop in a day. I'd anxiously wait for it the next day and actually be excited when she finally does.

3. Touch someone else's poop.  Yes and sometimes touch it with bare hands without the urge to cringe and vomit. Oh, the things you'll do for love.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What I Am Thankful For Today

I am thankful that faith, hope, happiness, and love came in teeny tiny packages.

What are you thankful for today?