Monday, April 15, 2013

On Mommy's Vanity: San San Long Wearing Lip Sheer in Peach Glow

Some of my favorite local beauty products come from HBC. I love their make up from San San and Allue. I love them because not only do they have very affordable prices but also they have good quality. I first fell in love with San San's Two Way Cake (I'll make another blog post for this) and I have been hooked on their products since then. My latest purchase from San San is the  Long Wearing Lip Sheer in Peach Glow. 

I bought mine at an HBC branch in Centris Station but I'm sure you can find this in any HBC branch near you. It retails for Php 125.00.  

It claims to be long-wearing and to have SPF 15, Vitamins A, C & E. Peach Glow appears to be more orange on my lips than peach but I don't mind because it is perfect for my tan skin. This shade will compliment any skin tone especially morenas. 

The packaging is nice and sleek. I like the matte, rubber-y finish. It's slender shape makes it very ideal for travel or in any occasion when you're carrying a small bag or pouch.

I  am not very happy about the scent though but if you are a fan of sweet vanilla scents then I'm sure you'll adore this. 

It appears sheer but the shade is buidable.

It claims to be long-lasting but I think it's not as long-lasting as I hoped it would be. I glides on smoothly but can feel drying after a few hours.

Peach Glow (natural light)

Peach Glow (with flash)

                  VERY affordable                                                        Strong sweet scent
                  Buildable color                                                            Not long lasting
                  Great for day time                                                       Can be drying
                  Sleek packaging

Overall, I think the shade appeals to many. It will look stunning on morenas or anyone who's sporting a tan. I like the fact that it glides smoothly on my lips however, it make my lips dry after a few hours. I don't find it long-lasting but that's not a big issue. The best part is that it's very affordable and is easily found in HBC outlets.

I probably will not repurchase this, though, as I am not really a fan of sheer lipsticks. Maybe if they reformulate the scent and come up with other shades. 

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