Monday, April 15, 2013

On Mommy's Vanity: Aido Lipstick in No. 11

Hello Kikays!

Since I am very partial to affordable make up, my very first review/feature will be on the cheapest lipstick I own. 


 Aido lipstick in shade 11. This little baby retails for Php 25.00. Yes, 25 pesos only. Very affordable right? But don't rule this lipstick out just yet because this little one can pack quite a mean punch considering its size and price. Shade no. 11 is a pink-brown lipstick perfect for everyday wear. It is a gorgeous MLBB shade. This also looks great in all skin tones.


If you are particular about packaging, you might not like the one this comes in but for the price? You really can't complain. Can you?


Now if you are very picky with scents, you might not like this one either. It smells like crayons.  Luckily, the scent seems to fade in time.


It is a bit sheer but build-able.  You need at least 3 swipes if you want this to show opaque on your lips.


As for longevity and consistency, this glides on smoothly on the lips.  It does not dry out my lips. I don't experience chapping when I wear this.  It stays on roughly 2-3 hours. You will need to reapply after you drink from a glass or a cup and after you eat. 

With flash

Natural Light

  • VERY affordable (Php 25.00)                                
  •  Non-drying on the lips                                           
  •  Decent color pay-off                                             
  •  Buildable                                                               
  •  Great for everyday wear
  •  Does not have any weird taste or feeling on the lips
  •  Available in leading department stores

  • Smells like crayons
  • Cheap packaging
  • Not long-lasting 
  • Transfers


This is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for very affordable lipsticks. I am really happy with this product because it's very easy to wear and it does not dry out my lips. I actually have 2 of these and should I run out I am absolutely going to repurchase.

Do you have this lipstick? What do you think about it?


  1. ive bought this earlier, and even asked the saleslady twice about the price , i thought ive heard it wrong or what. haha. it's a good one. ive bought the no.4 :)

    1. Hahaha! I did that too. I can't believe it's only 25 Pesos! I love the color and the price. :)

  2. ive read this post yesterday and buy it the same day later haha! love at first swipe :) new follower here..